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Who are the Happy Hustlers?

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Welcome, we are The Happy Hustlers!

We’re a proud team of hustlers earning 6 figures selling on Amazon. In addition to Amazon, we also sell on Poshmark, eBay and Thredup. We have been reselling for over 4 years and along the way decided to make a career out of it. Now we love helping others start and grow their very own businesses and earn the money they have always dreamed of, but weren’t quite sure how to attain. The longer we spent reselling on various sites, including Amazon, we figured out how the processes work best and ultimately learned how to maximize our profits, A LOT. As mentioned above, we enjoy earning a 6-figure income as e-commerce entrepreneurs along with our daily careers. By day, Nina is a Product Manager at a technology company and Ernesto is an Aerospace Engineer. Check out our About Us page for more details on who we are.

Becoming and thriving as an Amazon seller can feel like am intimidating task. You may have found yourself wondering “How do I become a successful Amazon seller?” First off, it’s important to be aware that financially successful people have multiple streams of income. In fact, on average, millionaires have approximately 7 streams of income. So, selling on Amazon CAN be done while you work your daily 9-5 job, if you wish. It can be done when you are a small business owner, it can be done alongside investing in stocks, it can be done no matter what! In this business, you must be consistent, motivated and goal oriented. We’re here to pass along our knowledge and help you achieve your goals. If you’re seeking ways to add streams of revenue, or are already a seller for Amazon and would like to figure out how to successfully grow your business, look no further!

What Do The Happy Hustlers Offer?

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  • Amazon Beginners Course
  • Over 2 Hours of Video Content
  • Access to Discord Server
  • Information on item ungating, inventory prep, item conditions, sales ranks, pricing, packing, Amazon tools, shipping demo, and more!
  • Amazon FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon – Where Amazon stores your products in Amazon fulfillment centers, picks, packs, ships, and provides customer service.
  • Amazon FBM – Fulfilled by Merchant – When the seller list their products on Amazon and ship products to each buyer themselves. The merchant is responsible for fulfilling their orders.

Amazon Online Arbitrage Leads Lists

When you’re ready to grow your Amazon business, Online Arbitrage Lead Lists can really take your business to the next level. Our arbitrage lead lists can allow you to make money faster, take the stress out of finding products yourself, spend less time on product research and enjoy more quality time with family and friends. This is an extremely beneficial tool when it comes to flipping products.

Fresh Flips

If you are just getting started selling on Amazon or an experienced seller, picking products can feel daunting. As you learn and figure out your way through the ropes of flipping products on Amazon, we can help! Our Fresh Flips list offers convenience and will provide you profitable products to sell on Amazon. Gain access to our Fresh Flips list, upon making a one-time payment, you can instantly access fresh Amazon leads. Check out our Fresh Flips page for more information.

Toy, Topical & Grocery Ungating

Amazon is one of the largest retailers in the world, and can easily reach millions of buyers worldwide who are looking to buy a wide variety of products, from clothes to toys to accessories or home goods and much more. The options are almost endless when it comes to Amazon products. However, once you become an Amazon seller (either FBA or FBM) you can’t just sell any product you wish. There are certain categories or sub-categories that are restricted or gated, and thus require you to go through an ungating process to gain the ability to sell products that fall under those categories and their subsequent sub-categories. In other words, you’ll need Amazon’s approval, and the issue is, Amazon doesn’t always provide clear-cut instructions on the ungating process.

This is where we come in, we have gone through the ungating process, and have successfully sold products for years, and we’d like to provide the knowledge to you and teach you the in’s and out’s of becoming ungated for various categories. The categories our guides focus on for becoming ungated are toys, topical, and grocery subcategories. It can get awfully confusing for a new seller, or even a seller who has some experience under their belt. Our guides will provide step by step instructions for approval requirements and becoming ungated in toy, topicals & grocery.

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Why Choose The Happy Hustlers

We’re proud of the level of success we have reached throughout the years, and you can be successful as well and feel the same sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. All while setting financial goals and knocking them down one by one. Imagine a life where you are working less, spending more time with your children, your family, your friends. Imagine a life where you can plan the vacations of your dreams, all that sounds nice but you thought those things would never actually happen. A life where you feel like a business owner, as opposed to feeling like your business owns you. Your dreams are within reach, and we, The Happy Hustlers look forward to working with you, and providing access to courses, leads, support and more. Don’t wish for it, work for it, contact us today!

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