Amazon Online Arbitrage Leads List

Daily Stream of 20 Items per day that can be resold on Amazon for at least 30% ROI.

124.99 month


Whether you’ve just begun your business journey as an Amazon FBA seller or you have some experience under your belt, Amazon Online Arbitrage Leads List are an invaluable resource to help you increase your business profitability. If you haven’t heard of Amazon Online Arbitrage Lead Lists, you’ve been missing an essential key element for your Amazon business! The Amazon Online Arbitrage Leads List are here to provide an efficient and effortless way to empower your Amazon business as a reseller, your side hustle can turn into a full-time business!

Amazon Online Arbitrage Leads List:

  • 20 items provided to you daily Monday through Friday through a Monthly Subscription
  • Minimum ROI (Return on Investment) of 30% on each item
  • Minimum $5 Profit on each item
  • Minimum of 25 estimated monthly sales on each item
  • Categories included are: Groceries, Toys & Games & Beauty & Personal Care and more
  • Spreadsheet provided daily with metrics and buy link for each lead
  • Ungating process for Toys, Groceries, Topicals and major brands such as Disney, Crayola, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour & McCormick
  • Each lead is limited to only 50 people

Should I purchase a Leads List?

Simply put, yes! A leads list offers a variety of benefits and can help your Amazon business not only run smoother, it can increase efficiency and more, and here’s how:

  • Decreased Stress - Researching and sourcing products on your own can cause a lot of stress, as you search to constantly find profitable leads. Our leads list will take away this stress as profitable leads will be delivered to you daily. Through our leads list The Happy Hustlers strive to provide peace of mind for your Amazon business.
  • Save Time - Sourcing leads on your own can be quite time consuming as your scour a plethora of websites, looking for the right items to purchase and resell. When you sign-up to receive our Amazon Online Arbitrage Lead Lists, we take care of that for you! You can put your efforts and attention towards another income stream, family and friends, or anything else you wish. All while you rest assured The Happy Hustlers are delivering a leads list you can count on, ultimately lowering the amount of time you spend on product research yourself enabling you to work smarter not harder!
  • Increase Skill Set - Having a monthly online arbitrage leads list provided to you will help you understand which products to look for, and overall, how to become a more knowledgeable Amazon FBA/FBM seller. You can spend time researching the products on the leads list, and with experience eventually be able to tell rather easily which products will sell quicker and make you more money.
  • Beginner Friendly - Our leads list include our ungating guides to open up more categories for new sellers. Also included is our Discord Server where you get access to our community of Amazon Sellers for questions and support. We have many brand new Amazon Sellers that successfully start their Amazon businesses with our Leads Lists.

The Happy Hustlers have had great success as Amazon sellers, and there is plenty of room to share the knowledge and the wealth. If you’re ready to increase your sales, and take your Amazon business to the next level, we’re here to help. Contact us today if you have any questions, we look forward to offering guidance that will contribute to your success.


*All purchases are final and non-refundable. Subscription renews monthly until cancelled. Subscriptions will be approved within 24 hour.

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