I’m just starting out selling on Amazon . Using this subscription has helped me find product to make profits on

Pedro Lopez

Best place to be if you want help and best leads for Amazon! I been with them since they started and let me tell you it does not disappoint! They are very helpful with any questions and very knowledgeable. I came back after a period where I slowed down my sales but I am back again and I know I am in the right place!

Bruno P

The leads list helped me alot as a new seller. Made it easy to find products to sell and get ungated

Alicia P-Smith

Explanation was simple and clear, demo was great. Thank you


I’m So grateful for the list provided. It takes the guess work out and saves me time.

It makes it easy to source and I can order the items online or I can pick up on my way home.

It takes the fear out of selling.

Gabriel Martinez

I love the videos. They couldn’t have explained it any better, it was step by step with a useful explanation with each step. They give me inspiration to pursue selling with Amazon.


So glad I found the happy hustlers and their leads list! Not only do they provide great items they also answer any question I have about my amazon account.


I have been following you guys for months and thanks to you I decided to start my business with amazon a month ago, there is still a lot to learn and for now I feel that I am doing very well thanks to you!

Amna Sharjil

They provide you with an amazing list if you are ungated in all the categories. they also provide with you with all the necessary ungating websites. Very detailed work must get the subscription if you want to start your amazon journey. I have asked 100 of questions on their Instagram and they have replied to every single one of them and that's huge nobody does that, Everyone wants to sell there course but She actually listened and guided me. Definitely subscribe to the list and give it a try YOU CAN CANCEL IT ANYTIME.


We purchased the grocery fresh flips and it was full of opportunity. We are truly grateful for all the leads provided and all the knowledge that is given.

Thanks so much!


From ungating guides to OA leads lists. The Happy Hustlers are here to help beginner and intermediate Amazon sellers. They have provided great advice and are quick to respond if you have any questions. I wouldn't hesitate to invest in one of their services again. Thank you so much!

Home Happy Heart LLC

The Happy Hustlers has been a huge help with starting my Amazon business. The Lead Lists and Fresh Flips are awesome! Not to mention the learning tools they also provide with monthly membership. I would highly recommend The Happy Hustlers to anyone looking to start selling on Amazon. God Bless you Nina & Ernesto.


I have been enjoying using these leads for my Amazon OA business.
My favorite part is the fact that I have found some replenishable items from this list that I continually order when I run out. 
Another thing I like about thehappyhustlers is that they care about their customers.

Janice Tran

So very grateful for the happy hustlers! I’ve been nervous to start with Amazon and decided to just go for it in September. I’ve been doing research for a while but needed to find a way to not source in stores or hours on my own. I took the leap of faith and signed up. Since then my Amazon business has been growing faster than I ever imagined. Thank you so much for all your help!

Angela Hudson

The leads list are worth their weight in gold! They save me so much time and help me to find good products to sell on Amazon. The ungating guides that come with my subscription got me ungated in grocery, toys and some big brands like starbucks and disney. The leads list have made a big impact on our amazon business and I strongly recommend them!

Shelia R

Amazon Cheat Codes is a fantastic course for new Amazon sellers! It really helped cut through the mud for me and give me a good understanding of how to sell on Amazon. Nina is very clear and straight to the point throughout the videos making the course easy to follow. Definitely recommend Amazon Cheat Codes!

Tony M

The leads lists provides solid items daily and has really helped my Amazon business. The daily spreadsheet provides all the information I need to source items. Highly recommend

Sylvia Tyler

The leads list are worth every penny! I save so much time and effort now because im not endlessly searching for leads. The ungating gudies that come with the subscription have helped me be able to sell so many more items as a newer Amazon seller. Thanks Nina & Ernesto :)


Amazon Cheat Codes was exactly what I looking for in an Amazon course. The course is clear and concise videos that tell you everything you need to become an Amazon seller. Highly recommend Amazon Cheat Codes for any new Amazon seller!


The grocery fresh flips are great!I have bought all of them and they always have good items and replenishables. Highly recommend :)

Laura P

I would be lost without the leads list! On top of providing great leads, Nina is always super helpful when I have any questions about selling on Amazon. Thank you so much for your help!

Sabrina West

I love Fresh Flips! I have purchased tons of them and they are always great leads. I strongly recommend Fresh Flips to any amazon seller!

Corey Sanders

The leads list are great! I have been subscribed for 3 months now and its helpful to consistently receive profitable leads. I have a 9 to 5 and this makes selling on Amazon more challenging, the leads list helps me grow my Amazon business while having a 9 to 5.

Dawn S

The Nike Ungating Guide helped me get ungated in Nike in less than a week! I had been looking for a way to get ungated to sell Nike for a while now and I'm so glad I bought this guide!


Nina and Ernesto are fabulous! They give you all the tools you need to start on Amazon and answer questions within 24 hours! I highly recommend all they have to offer when first starting out on Amazon. It has been such a huge help in my Amazon journey.

Amy and Nick Wilburn

The subscription to the leads list has made a HUGE impact on our business! As full time working parents, sourcing was near impossible. The list is worth every penny! Thank you to Nina for always responding to our emails in a very timely manner!


The Leads Lists are wonderful! Direct links and real time numbers. I don’t have time to be looking myself and this has been a time saver


More than anything else, these guys genuinely care about helping others. That is very apparent in everything they do & offer. And if you’re just starting out, having that support system will provide you a better ROI than almost anything else you do. You can’t go wrong with learning from them!


TheHappyHustlers are the BEST!! I am so grateful for their help in getting started on AMAZON and actually making sales and getting ungated in a few categories and brands. I couldn’t have done it without them. Everyone in the group is extremely helpful! Thank You!! Zoya

Chelsea Saucier

I bought the amazon cheat codes course, and I also purchase the leads lists each month. Don’t know where I’d be without your hard work. Thank you so much! I’m still a newb, but I can guarantee 2021 will incredible for me. Thanks for changing a single momma’s life! 💕

Veronica Rodriguez

Nina & Ernesto
Are amazing I started Amazon in 2019 and was so confused ,
However with the help of this group and all the tools and support I took my Amazon knowledge to a whole new level.

Thank you Happy Hustlers
Veronica Rodriguez


Having a full time job, the leads list has helped me level up my Amazon business while I’m low on time to search for more products on my own.

Marlena Hall

Honest, Quality, Value, Informative are words I would use to describe thehappyhustlers Amazon Cheat Codes course. I have been interested in selling on amazon for about two years now and there are so many people that try and get you to buy their course. What I like about Nina and Ernesto is that they are selfless. They truly want to help everyone succeed, they are always willing to help and answer questions at anytime of the day. The course was so easy to understand and has helped me out tremendously. What I like about the course is that once you buy it you are apart of the discord and it is such a great community to be apart of. The initial investment is so small compared to the overall value that you get when you are apart of this amazon community. I’m very glad I stumbled upon these guys. This was the best decision I have made for my future and my family.

Kalee Parks

Nina and Ernesto provide invaluable information! I’ve been selling on Amazon for awhile chugging along, but since finding The Happy Hustlers and utilizing their incredible OA Leads List has kicked my sales into high gear! I’ve reached amazing sales growth and have earned more money in such a short time it’s blown me away! Nina and Ernesto a super friendly, down to earth, answer questions quickly, provide great business insight, valuable information and are supportive and fun! I highly recommend to anyone intrigued to learn Amazon, or if your have been selling on Amazon already and need more insight to build your business, to reach out to The Happy Hustlers. Game Changers!


If you are looking into learning how to sell on Amazon, Nina and Ernesto are the real deal. They truly want others to succeed. Their Discord group and lead list have help me immensely to save time and have a community of other helpful sellers that you can turn to for help. I’m so grateful that I found them and totally recommend them if you want to start selling on Amazon!

Renata & Rudy

Nina and Ernesto are great. We have learned so much from then. Thank God we found them. Totally recommend!

Carly E.

We have been working to launch for the last 12 months and finally took the plunge three months ago. Using The Happy Hustlers arbitrage list has been invaluable. Nina has been kind to answer every question and to encourage me along the way. The additional benefits of ungating process instruction is worth every penny. We wish we had signed up sooner. They’re willing to help, organized and provide excellent resources in starting with Amazon.


Nina and Ernesto hands down have the best Amazon beginners course! We had watched a couple other people and it was so frustrating because what we were looking for, we couldn’t seem to find. We wanted a basic, easy to follow program that showed us exactly what do it and they provided! We are now creating listings and shipments with total ease! I also absolutely love the Discord group and the day leads list! Everyone is so friendly in the group and we have sold some profitable items from the list! Forever grateful to The Happy Hustlers for paving the way for others to become successful on Amazon!

Kevin Reese

The Happy Hustlers provide invaluable information and lists. My sales have grown so much from purchasing their lists and when I have a question they respond promptly. Don't forget they provide amazing support for ungating.

Tsukasa Sato

Coming from someone who has been a part of multiple reselling groups, I can safely say that TheHappyHustlers group is by far the best. It’s far more than just a list of online arbitrage leads. It’s a cohesive community filled with like minded people across ALL levels of experience. For new sellers they provide tips tricks and strategies that have been proven to work. For more experienced sellers, they offer great ways to enhance and grow your business. It’s been an amazing experience thus far and we’ve only just begun!

Enrique J

I honestly don’t remember how I came across TheHappyHustlers Instagram page, but I am glad I did. I was hesitant In joining the OA list group because I was in one previously and none of the items were beneficial to me or there was always an error to it. With TheHappyHustlers OA list and discord group everything has been a game changer, I have been sourcing like crazy and made enough to pay off one of my super high credit cards! This group is one of the best groups I have ever been in, and I can count on Niña & Ernesto to answer any question I have without feeling like I am a bother. Also all the members in the group are friendly and we all share profitable items which is a huge plus. Highly recommend the OA list and discord group you would not regret it at all!


Nina and Ernesto are gurus! The discord gives you access to a wide variety of topics regarding Amazon in’s and out’s. They are prompt with responses and very uplifting and motivating! Well worth the monthly fee!


The leads lists are awesome and the discord is great!! Everyone is so helpful and supportive. No drama and all the help and support and questions answered!!

Pedro Lopez

Honestly the best!! So helpful with everything and the leads lists are awesome! So thankful for the Discord access too. Great team to be around.

Cielo's Corner

I'm so excited to continue this reselling journey with the help of 'The Happy Hustlers' they truly are happy to help & assist us along the way of this crazy Amazon world. There's so much potential to grow & they made it so much less stressful with their OA & RA Lead Lists as well as their Ungating Processes. I've reached minor goals I've set for myself every month & now it's time to capitalize on the opportunities awaiting all us resellers. They remind us daily via IG or Discord THERE'S ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE TO GO AROUND TO PROSPER IN THE RESELLING COMMUNITY!!!
Thank You again & I'm so glad & blessed I've been around since Day 1 with The Happy Hustlers & can't wait to see where they take us all 🙏


There are a ton of Amazon classes, experts, etc. Happy Hustlers are different -they provide leads that actually sell and are genuine!


Starting Amazon was extremely intimidating for me. Randomly finding The Happy Hustlers has been an inspiration and provided a wealth of knowledge to help lead me to success. Nina and Ernesto are friendly, down to earth, and they do not hold back on educating. The community of resellers in the discord server are always helpful and kind as well. I highly recommend!


I have tried other OA list groups and they are by far the best I’ve come across. Day 1 I made my money back 10 times from one item. If you are new or have been selling on amazon for awhile and want to try OA I definitely recommend The Happy Hustlers leads. It also includes their discord group where they offer support to all members.


I have been thinking about amazon FBA for a couple of years but have been too intimidated to take the leap. I purchased Amazon Cheat codes and blazed through the hours of content in one day. I am so bummed it's over! When is Part 2 coming out? I will be there! Nina was succinct in her explanations and thorough with all aspects of the Amazon selling process. As soon as I wrote down a question, thinking I might have to follow up for clarification, she answered it in the next slide! On a scale of 1-10 for readiness to start my amazon business I went into this training like a 2 to a 3. I felt like I had some experience with Poshmark and Ebay so surely I could figure this out on my own. The thing is, I never actually took the step because there are so many more details to the process and it felt overwhelming and like there was more to lose! After watching Amazon Cheat Codes with the step by step process I am a 9! I feel like I will watch the training again as I go through my first FBA shipment and after that be 10+! If you want to start an Amazon business, but are feeling confused or overwhelmed by the process, I cannot recommend Amazon Cheat Codes enough!! My only regret is that I waited so long to get started . . .

Svetlana Kuperberg

I have to say in a sea of million Amazon sellers here on Instagram and YouTube, I’m very happy to have picked Amazon beginner’s course from Nina & Ernesto aka The Happy Hustlers. Being a brand new seller on Amazon is very overwhelming and there’s a lot to learn. The bundle course I picked is very simple and teaches you step by step how to begin on Amazon. Nina is very articulate and does an excellent job explaining everything clearly in detail.
In a few weeks I already learned so much from her! And of course there’s a lot more to learn. My Amazon journey has just began and this course was exactly what I needed to give me clarity and a jump start into Amazon basics. And their lead list is awesome! I’m so excited to wake up every morning to see what’s on today’s list👍 I really recommend The Happy Hustlers Amazon beginners course to all the new sellers like me😊


The Happy Hustlers is an amazing resource for ANY individual who is selling on the Amazon platform. They have great trips & tricks along with a vast amount of knowledge to help all users. Their lead list helps you find profitable items that can be sourced from the comfort of your home (100 items a week, 200 if you have both groups). You can count on Nina and Ernesto to help you through an array of situations, very quickly. I couldn't imagine being as profitable as I am with amazon without their assistance. I am so very thankful I found them to help me grow my business. Bonus is the special discord you get to be a part of, the community on there are some pretty amazing people.