Should I Become an Amazon Seller?

Posted: August 11th, 2020

Deciding to become an Amazon seller is a big decision, and if you’re asking yourself this question, you’re most likely in one of the following two positions. Either you are just getting started selling online or you have some experience selling on other websites and would like to transition to Amazon or just add it to your line-up of income streams.

If you’re just getting started, figuring out all the elements that go along with an online business and the world of ecommerce can be awfully confusing. The Happy Hustlers courses and resources are where you start!

On the other hand, if you’ve been selling on various other websites and decided to also sell on Amazon, or maybe even have been selling on Amazon for a short period of time, our courses and resources are still a great a starting point. Understanding the processes and guidelines Amazon puts forth for its seller can also be confusing. We can offer the support you need to figure it out and succeed!

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Benefits of Selling on Amazon

Amazon has rapidly grown and continues to expand each year, in fact, it is the world’s largest online retailer. In just the United States alone, Amazons revenue in 2019 was over $170 billion dollars! According to Statista, their global consolidated net revenue equaled in excess of $280 billion US dollars. As one of the most valuable companies in the world, there is plenty of room to share the wealth. The number of customers you can reach on Amazon is astounding, you can literally reach hundreds of millions of potential customers. With the right training, guidance, and determination you can be the proud owner of a thriving business as an Amazon seller.

    • Credibility & Trust - Amazon is such a well-known name; it isn’t very often you even encounter an individual who hasn’t purchased products through Amazon. In fact, people LOVE to buy on Amazon, mainly due to their Amazon Prime feature! Amazon Prime offers fast, reliable 2-day shipping, the convenience is unparalleled on any other e-commerce platform. 
    • Reduced Work Load - Amazon offers its sellers the potential to do a lot less work, unlike its competitors. With their FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) seller option, you no longer need to worry about packing and shipping products yourself. Depending on your sales volume, this can save A LOT of time! In addition to packing and shipping, Amazon also handles the customer service, returns, and even international orders.
    • Make More Money - Basically, Amazon is a retailer (as opposed to a wholesaler) and the products on the site are sold at competitive prices. Welcome to the world of online retail arbitrage. Resellers can make more money finding products that are in demand, purchasing and then reselling on Amazon. Shoppers on Amazon know they are not only purchasing products, but also purchasing from a trusted brand, with speedy shipping and stellar customer service. It is a convenience purchase, and shoppers love it!

Amazon allows for small businesses to get their products on virtual shelves that reach millions and millions of customers! There are many more reasons to become an Amazon seller, check out our website and sign up for our services. The Happy Hustlers are here for you and we look forward to you getting started and furthering your success with your online retail business.